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Israel's border walls: A case study for Trump’s mantra - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post


Israelis in large part view the American leader's goal of curbing illegal immigration as rational and necessary

by bondojoe • 58 views • 6 comments • 3 days ago • category: Politics
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senior guru
There's none so blind as those who will not see . . .



senior master
And (Recall) when we took a covenant from the Children of Israel, "You shall worship none except Allah, and do good to (your) parents and to near of kin and the orphans and the poor (as well), and you shall speak kindly to all people and observe prayer and present purifying alms." But afterwards you all turned away (and broke your covenant)
Except a few of you and you are averse (to guidance and ways of virtue).

And (recall) when we took a covenant from you, "You shall not shed each other's blood and you shall not expel your people from your homes." Then you confirmed it (promising to abide by it) and you witnessed (the covenant).
Yet you are the very people who (violating the terms of the covenant) slay your own people and expel a section from among you from their homes, backing up one another against them sinfully and transgressingly. And if they come to you as captives (seeking your help), you ransom them, while their very expulsion was forbidden to you. Do you believe only in a part of the Script(-covenant) while a part you deny?
What is the recompense of those among you (who act like that) except discrace in this life? And on the Day of Resurrection they shall be given over to the severest chastisement. And Allah is not at all unmindful as to what you do.
It is they who have taken the present life in preference to the Hereafter, therefore the agony shall not be reduced for them, nor they shall be helped (in any other way)


@👽GEMINI👽 .................LOL!


senior master
@bondojoe Everything that is confirmed in all previous scriptures are also revealed here, to lol, is just your admitting to your lack,or fear of what is all truths, as you now know i have Qur'an, and it is not filled with commands to do any evils, most is says is about the covenant that was broken, what others do when they lose the plot and guidance of Allah, its all quite simple. so what are you lol towards, to deny these teachings is to deny your own very God/Allah, however you decide to call him


top expert
Wait... so how can they claim there were zero cases of illegal immigration in 2017 if the migrants weren't seen and are in hiding? I've been reading about the many smuggling tunnels underneath those same walls between Israel and Egypt for years. That's how the Hezbollah was getting the rockets into gaza and basic goods and medicine that couldn't get thru the checkpoints came in. Must be a case of "If you don't see it then it doesn't exist".

And I don't think the wall was the catalyst for reduced bombings...imo it was the Palestinian's decision to instead make a concerted effort to appeal to the UN world body and thus show the inhumanity of the Israeli apartheid system. Worked way better since world opinion has turned against Israel in a big way.

Walls alone are not a solution. If Trump gets a win like this then he'll do it again. He'll keep holding federal families hostage to get his way instead of doing the real work necessary to get something thru the Appropriations process.

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