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Donors to border wall GoFundMe campaign will receive refunds - MarketWatch


The campaign failed to meet its $1 billion goal.

by ThomasinaPaine • 70 views • 4 comments • 4 days ago • category: Politics
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senior master
good it failed, stupid idea and a scam upon the people


Yes..definitely a scam. Sorry to say but Trump voters who work for gov't funded jobs not getting paid what did you expect. If you voted for an idiot to run our country did you think we wouldn't get shutdown be serious. The man has more law suits pending than buildings. Multiple bankruptcies but He claims he's a billionaire but can't get a loan in the United States. Won't show his taxes claiming a 6 month audit for the last 3yrs. And praises Kim Jong Un, Saudi's Prince & Vlad Putin.


How strong is a Trump supporter's support? Now many are getting evicted, becoming homeless or sent back to Mexico. I'd like to be a fly on the wall to hear, "I should've NEVER of voted for this fool"....cause many will never admit they were wrong in public.


top expert
Sooo... he's going to build a wall himself ...with funds that barely cover the legal retainer he'll need. Best to help Elon Musk build the Big F**n Rocket and take a trip to Mars. My 2 cents. smiley

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