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Activists Jump Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion Wall With Illegal Immigrants, Demand Entry To Her Home | The D... 
Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, last seen chaining herself to Twitter HQ, has jumped the fence...
by bondojoe • 75 views • 4 comments • 18 hours ago • category: Politics

Gillette: The Best an Incel Can Get - YouTube 
The worst an ad can get.
by PureVodka🍺 • 26 views • 2 comments • 8 hours ago • category: General

More Than 42,000 Immigration Hearings Canceled Amid Shutdown, Report Estimates | HuffPost 
That number could rise dramatically if the standoff over the border wall continues.
by FemaleLotRfan83 • 28 views • 5 comments • 9 hours ago • category: General

PIERS MORGAN: I’m sick of this war on masculinity. Gillette have just cut their own throat | Daily M... 
It’s a bad week for men. The APA has condemned traditional masculinity as ‘harmful’ and...
by BrunoAxemaker • 73 views • 7 comments • 12 hours ago • category: Politics

Fake News Website YourNewsWire Renamed NewsPunch (Again) -- Possibly To Avoid Filters | Lead Stories 
YourNewsWire used to be one of the most notorious websites spreading fake news, often by using...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 16 views • 2 comments • 1 hour ago • category: General

Indian Farmers in Revolt - Project Syndicate 
During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure, the costs of agricultural inputs, and therefore...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 26 views • 0 comments • 4 hours ago • category: Politics

24 hours for May to save her job - here's how no confidence vote works 
A motion has been brought. How likely is an election? What happens to Mrs May? Would the...
by PureVodka🍺 • 17 views • 3 comments • 8 hours ago • category: Politics

Read Leonardo Da Vinci's To-Do List From 1490 and Be Inspired By His Insatiable Appetite for Everyth... 
It's hard not to feel motivated by this “to do” list that was penned by one of the greatest...
by 𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐤 • 24 views • 2 comments • 8 hours ago • category: General

New caravan of migrants headed for US | TheHill 
A fresh group of Central American migrants fled the violent Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on...
by FemaleLotRfan83 • 33 views • 4 comments • 9 hours ago • category: General

McDonald's loses 'Big Mac' trademark battle to Irish fast food chain Supermac's | Fox News 
McDonald's appears to have met its match in the form of Irish-based fast food chain Supermac's.
by stephen19 • 37 views • 3 comments • 10 hours ago • category: Business

Here’s where all that U.S. foreign aid is going and why, in one chart - MarketWatch 
Cost-estimating website HowMuch.net created a huge visual to illustrate where American dollars...
by bondojoe • 91 views • 19 comments • 11 hours ago • category: Politics

Netflix Announces Largest Price Increase In 12 Years | 411MANIA 
Netflix Announces Largest Price Increase In 12 Years
by raven13 • 19 views • 1 comments • 11 hours ago • category: Entertainment

Netflix To Raise Prices On All 58 Million U.S. Subscribers 
Netflix to raise prices on all of its available streaming plans in order to stay competitive and...
by St3wie • 31 views • 3 comments • 14 hours ago • category: General

Trump doubles down on border wall, as polls show voters turning against his shutdown strategy | Fox ... 
President Trump used an address Monday to the American Farm Bureau convention to dig in on his...
by karloff • 16 views • 3 comments • 15 hours ago • category: General

Fans Have Picked Out Possible Avengers: Endgame Clues From Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer | 411MA... 
With the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer releasing earlier today, fans have done the...
by raven13 • 19 views • 1 comments • 2 hours ago • category: General

Spanish city protests against 'too friendly' devil sculpture - BBC News 
Residents of the Spanish city of Segovia say the sculpture is "exalting evil" by being so jolly.
by BrunoAxemaker • 19 views • 2 comments • 3 hours ago • category: General

THE WALL~~~‘This deal will make me look terrible’: Full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico 
The transcripts were prepared by the White House but have not been released. The Post is...
by ThomasinaPaine • 40 views • 2 comments • 4 hours ago • category: Politics

Americans express growing concern over Texas ruling on Affordable Care Act | Healthcare Finance News 
A vast majority said they don't trust the government to protect their health insurance, and...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 45 views • 13 comments • 4 hours ago • category: Health

Music played on violins that survived Holocaust tunes in Knoxville students to history | Knoxville N... 
Violinist Kevork Esmeryan picked up the violin to play a few plaintive notes of a song called...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 11 views • 1 comments • 5 hours ago • category: General

Netflix accused of using footage of Lac-Megantic disaster in second drama - 680 NEWS 
A day after learning that a science-fiction show on Netflix used actual footage of the...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 27 views • 0 comments • 5 hours ago • category: General