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As a child I was raised by wolves... (162 views)

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Hence the fact I'm still highly territorial. When I was discovered by a group out camping my first instinct was to attack and kill. Fast forward to today and that drive has dampened. Thus today my wolf drive is no longer dominant. That said, lurking beneath I can still feel it. Thankfully it's under control so there's no chance of it flaring up. Needless to say dogs fear me, but my question is do you have any secrets we should know about? Is anyone here not what they appear to be?


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I'm batman.

Everyone knew I was really Bruce Wayne, so instead I'm posing as a middle aged woman.


@⭐️janerosity⭐️ Hilarious!! 😂


@⭐️janerosity⭐️ I always suspected.




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@I3itchPudding Brilliant !!


@⭐️janerosity⭐️ Absolutely Loooooove your Avatar!


@crutch,I was raised by two very insane,non-functional gorillas smiley smiley in the jungle--I think it used to be the Rainforest that got cut down.--So I understand.I very much comizerate(?) with the main male character in "Is This As Good As It Gets?"If you're raised by wolves or gorillas,you've never "quite"human".What is said?-"The child is father of the man."--very true.

But the GOOD THING about humans is,its not true we have to be PERFECT!NO WAY!My German-Reform Lutheran Minister,Granddad,and my grandmother,would have been appalled at me.- But even upper-middle-class "prep school" people have wolves or gorillas for kids--THANK GOD!(OOOk-OOOk-OOOk--OOOk!) smiley smiley

JUST IMAGINE if all their cubs had turned out "Prep-school,East-Coast,upper-middle class".HORRORS!AAAAGGH! smiley The world has enough of "perfect & holy smiley people." smiley --and we can't live them down.heh heh! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

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